Internet Consumer Behavior

Goals Of Psychology

Describe Consumer Behavior

Typical Internet Consumers

Most Shopped Internet Category

Typical Internet Shopping Trip

Predict Consumer Behavior

Consumer Interest

Purchase Intent

Brand Loyalty

Explain Consumer Behavior

Reasons for Internet Shopping

Information Overload

Consumer Satisfaction

Control Consumer Behavior

Consumer Research Using the Internet

Unobtrusive Measures

Customer Tracking

Customer Survey

Consumer Panel

Controlled Experiment

Privacy and Internet Research

 Practical Issues for  Web-sites

Web-site Construction Ideas

Limit information on each page

Balance Quantity with Time

Make consumer interaction primary

Keep Company Logo Prominent

Easy Navigation

Graphics that Communicate

Consumer Trust Ideas

Some Paradoxes of Internet Consumer Research

E-Biz vs. Traditional Retail

Time Saver vs. Time Sink

Instant Obsolescence vs. Stable Trend