Internet Psychology Pre Course Survey

Instructions:  Please complete the following questions.  The survey results will be used by the instructor to make the course meet the needs of this particular class of students.  You may hand write, type or use a word processor to answer the questions. Please write the number of the question with the answer.  It is not necessary to write the question.

 1.  Name  _______________________________
 2.  Class Rank  (choose one):

  Graduate (Masters)
  Graduate (Doctoral)
  Post Graduate
 3.  Major  _________________________
 4.  Minor  _________________________

Section 1

This section deals with your prior experience.  The course has no prerequisites, but you have experience that will contribute to your learning.  Please complete this section to help the instructor know what should and should not be included in the course.

Previous College Course Work:

5.  Psychology (Please list all courses you can recall)

6.Computer Science (Please list all courses you can recall)

Previous Computer Network Experience:
Indicate your own estimate of your experience on the following scale:   None=0, Very Little=1 Some=2, Moderate=3, Proficient=4.

7. E-mail
8 .Shared Directories and Files
9 .On-line Card Catalogue for Library Search
10. Discussion Lists
11. World Wide Web Access
12. Internet Explorer, Netscape
13. Internet Search Engines
14. Chat Rooms
15. MUDD or other Group Interactions
16. HomePage Construction
17. List any programming languages you have studied or used in the past.

18.  List any research that you have designed or collaborated with in the past.

Section II

In order to develop the course to optimally meet your interests, the instructor needs to know what those interests are.  The next section deals with your own personal style and interests.

19. What are your hobbies or other special interests?

20. What do you have for computers in your daily life while at University?

21. What uses can you imagine for computers in your daily and professional life after you graduate from University?

22. Do you prefer voice mail, e-mail or paper mail?  Why?

30. Would you rather know how to work a machine or how the machine works?  Please explain why?

31.  When learning something new, do you like to start with the basic facts and build from there or do you prefer to get the big picture first and then get the details?  Why?

32.   In an average day, how often do you think about what made people do what they do?  Why?

33.  Do you have your own computer?  If not, do you have a favorite computer in a lab or other space?

34.  How would you characterize your relationship to that computer?  (If you don’t have a favorite computer, please use this space to explain why.)

35.  Please list some of the teams you have been on in the past.  (Please be inclusive.  Examples could include school work teams, paid employment teams, sports teams, marching band, role playing games and so forth.)

36.  Now think of small teams you have been on (no more than four or five).  Do you prefer to work on such a team to complete a project or would you prefer to do the project alone?  Why?

37.  When you are working on a team, what can frustrate you the most?

38.  When you are working on a team, what about the team process encourages you the most?
40.  When you are working on a team is there a particular role that you prefer to play?  If so, what is it?

41.  What is your first reaction to the following favorite saying by Dr. Webster, “Life is a word problem!”

42.  How would you characterize your own problem solving skills right now?

43.  Do you think that the same problem solving skills can be used with people problems and computer problems?  Why or why not?

44.  What is your initial reaction to the phrase, “Vive le Cyberspace!”

45.  In one sentence, describe the goal of psychology.

Section III

The final section deals with your own personal academic goals for this term, and in particular this course.  Please take your time to consider the question because the instructor will attempt to structure the course to meet the goals you describe.

46.  List three things you hope to learn in this course.

47.  List three skills that you hope to develop through this course.

48.  Finally, list any fears or concerns you have going into this course.

Thankyou for taking the time to complete this survey.