Developmental Psychology Track

    This form shows the requirements for the Developmental advising track within the Psychology Major at Westminster.  All major courses must be successfully completed at the level of a C- or higher.  Please click here for the recommended sequence of required, elective and support courses for the Developmental track in the Psychology Major.  Students must complete a minumum of 52 semester hours (including support courses).  To make your own check list just print this page.
MAJOR: Psychology
PSY 101 Introductory Psychology  
PSY 201 Research Methods/Analysis  
A minimum of ONE course from:  
PSY 271, 281 or 351  
One to two elective Psychology courses  
(PSY 231 does not count as a Psychology course)  
PSY 301 Psych Assessment  
PSY 221/222 Child & Adolescence  
PSY 291 Adulthood & Aging  
PSY 411 Exceptional Children  
PSY 560 Internship  
PSY 601 Senior Studies I (2 SH)  
PSY 670-690 Honors Research  
PSY 602 Senior Studies II (2 SH)  
PSY 670-690 Honors Research  
PSY 633 Child Development Research I  
PSY 634 Child Development Research II  
Required Supporting Courses:  
MTH 101 and 102 or  
MTH 131 Calculus or  
MTH 141 Discrete Analysis I or  
An approved MTH course  
Two courses from the following:
BIO 110, BIO111; PHY 151, PHY 152; CHE 117,
CHE 180; PSY 341
Recommended courses:  
EDU 201 Foundations of Education  
SOC 201 Juvenile Delinquency  
PSY 231 Educational Psychology  

Last Updated on 7/19/99
By Sandra K. Webster