Psychology - Human Resources Major

The Psychology-Human Resources (PHR) major is ideal for the student who is interested in applying psychological theory and research to the workplace. As people spend more and more time at work, it is important to understand what motivates workers to do good work; how workers can be selected, trained, evaluated, and retained (or let go); why workers are sometimes unproductive, or perhaps even counterproductive; and what social, political, and legal trends are important to the workplace of the future..

The psychology courses in this interdisciplinary major emphasize an empirical approach to the study of human work behavior, focusing on classic and modern theories and the research that supports them. The business courses focus more on the actual process of managing employees. Case study methods are central teaching tools in both types of courses. The successful student in the PHR major will be prepared to complete a senior thesis on a topic related to organizational psychology.

For additional information about the major contact Dr. Jamie McMinn, Psychology Department.

The prescribed curriculum in the major is composed of 64 semester hours of the following courses:

Economics / Business Administration

    BA 140  American Workplace

    Eco 150  Economic Reasoning

    BA 160  Financial Decisions

     BA 260  Labor Relations

    BA 360  Human Resources

    BA 361  Compensation/Benefit


    Psy 101  Introduction

    Psy 201  Research Methods

    Psy 241  Organizational

    Psy 301  Assessment

    Psy 321  Social

    Psy 351  Cognition 


    Psy 560 or BA 560


    Mth 101 and 102 OR   Mth 131 OR Mth 141


    Psy 601, 602  Psychology Capstone: Senior Studies

    Psy 635-640  Research Seminars ( taken simultaneously with 601/602)

   All qualified students are encouraged to complete the senior studies requirement at the Honors level.