Students in my research lab are focusing on a variety of organizational topics:
Maranda Huff:  The effects of non-traditional work shifts (rotating, 21-day turn, etc.) on work-family conflict and alcoholism.

Jack Marti:  The relationship between impression management strategies, perceived justice, and organizational citizenship behaviors.

Laura Pienkowski:  The mediating effects of trust on the relationship between team psychological safety and team learning.

Brett Turk:  The effects of idiosyncratic working arrangements on performance and other organizational outcomes.


I also have interests in team self-correction, or reflexivity.  This is the process by which team members reflect on prior
performance to improve future performance.  Although many organizations use some form of self-correction, there is
little research to show whether or not self-correction is effective.  And if self-correction does lead to improved performance
later on, we do not understand why this is the case.  My research, in collaboration with Dick Moreland at the University of
Pittsburgh, examines both process and outcome variables related to self-correction in teams.