Minutes from meeting on 9/10/02


Beth Dougherty is our treasurer.  She will be collecting dues for psychology club, which are only $5.  Her mailbox number is 302!  Please send to her as soon as you can.


Executive staff:

Diana Moore:  President

Brian Zarecky :  Vice President (in charge of Psi Chi)

Beth Dougherty :  Treasurer

Laura Nelms : Secretary

Amy Rushin : Fundraiser Chair

Dr. Gittis : Advisor


What is psychology Club?

We plan several different sorts of activities.

** The most important activity is the EPA ( the Eastern Psychology Association) conference that is held in Baltimore this year.


*It is during spring break and it is around $200‑$300 dollars.  We are discussing is many people will want to attend because it is on spring break


*We do fundraise for it individually to make it more possible to go!!



We will be Fund‑raising for the club and everyone will have an individually account as well.

Different fundraisers:

1. Cookie dough

2. Raffles

3. Pepperoni rolls

4.  Candy

** Any suggestions, let Amy Rushin know!


Psychology Picnic

Sept 19 at 6:00pm, we will plan to meet at Russell around 5:50 to walk over together to Dr. Gray's house. 



On October 7, there will be a speaker in Pittsburgh is you are interested in going (Steven Pinker).  We interesting topic and speaker. Post your interest on shared folder.


Dr. Lunnen will be asked to speak about his area of interest.  He is the new Clinical Professor.


Other Ideas

We are going to have movie night occasionally where we watch a movie and have pizza and popcorn.  The movies will be interesting and related to psychology.  For example, "The sixth sense"


Any other ideas, let us know!!!


Early deadline to present at EPA to win possible awards.  October 31.  See Dr. Gittis for more information.


Psi Chi: Psychology's  Honors Society

Must have:

3.5 GPA or higher

15% of your class

Minimum of 4 classes in psychology


E‑mail Brian for questions


Next meeting will be posted!!