Proposal Preparation Lab


  1. Complete the VAIL  Tutor on Academic Integrity Send grade to Dr. Webster.
  2. Work on term project research proposal.
  3. Submit your proposal to for a preemptive plagiarism check at least 6 hours before you submit your proposal for review.
Proposal preparation
    A. Review the Research Proposal Rubric.
    B. Correct your APA style template and save it as a template file for later use.
    C. Rename your APA template to your proposal (put your name in the file name to make it easy for your reviewers to identify it).
    D. Begin replacing content with your own proposal content
        1. Change the title to match your project.
        2. Write an initial thesis statement.
        3. Write your initial hypothesis.
        4. Write an outline of your literature review that will link your thesis statement to the hypothesis.
        5. Begin writing the literature review.
                Avoid writing a paragraph summary of each source, but use multiple sources to support the development of each idea.
        6. Write an initial method section.
                Remember that you will have a maximum of 20 participants. Describe them in terms of how many, incentives (volunteers), and type (college students). Be specific about subject factors such as gender, ethnicity and age.
                Describe the materials and apparatus that you will use in operational terms. Cite sources.
                Describe the procedure in chronological order for one of your treatment  conditions. Cite Sources. Don't forget the informed consent and debriefing.
                Describe the changes in the procedure for you other conditions or condition.
        7. Use EndNote throughout so that you can easily format the reference page.
                Remember to use APA style in the city while you write function.
                Remember to double space the references.
                Check formatting. EndNote doesn't always get it right, especially if you have used multiple input sources (e.g., Wilson Line search)

This lab is not graded. There is no Lab Rubric. Completion will be when VAIL grade is received and report is made.