Psychology 201 Assessment Plan

Statistical Methods and Analysis Mission Statment:

Students will develop the basic skills and techniques to read, understand, evaluate psychological research; to design and conduct their own  psychology experiments in technically valid and ethically responsible manner; to analyze data and report results using psychology style and standards.

Psychology 201 is the required sophomore level methods class, and thus is used to assess the psychology/neuroscience curriculum at the beginning and intermediate level for 8 of the 12 major outcomes. They are listed below with specific relevant assignments and tests in brackets.

Revised January 12, 2012

 Psychology/Neuroscience Major Assessments that Occur in Psy 201

Assessment 2:  Students develop skills to find, evaluate and use psychological knowledge.

      Level 2:  Students demonstrate through the sources located and used in Psy 201 writing assignment.
                         [Library instruction + Library Assignment + Research Proposal + Research Report]

Assessment 3: Students are able to reason scientifically, applying appropriate research design and quantitative methods.

      Level 1:  Psy 201 term project and peer reviews.
                        [Six team lab projects + Peer Review + Research Proposal + Data Analysis + Research Report + Exams + Final]

Assessment 4: Students are able to use technology appropriately and responsibly.

                   Level 2:  Psy 201 – Data Analysis, E-Prime Software, Internet Tools and Conventions
                            [Six team lab projects + Data analysis with SPSS + Exams + Final]

Assessment 5: Students communicate effectively using appropriate psychological style in written and verbal reports of research and psychology applications.

    Level 2:  APA style research report and oral presentation in Psy 201                           
                            [APA style for Research Proposal, Research Report, and psychology convention style Research Presentation]

Assessment 6: Students are able to link core scientific principles to areas of application.

    Level 2:  Psy 201 students show linkage of theory to research project.
                        [Strong connections to theory in Research Proposal + Research Report + Research Presentation]

Assessment 7: Students used both convergent and divergent thinking in problem solving tasks.

                Level 1:  Psy201 research project and peer review.
                        [Six team lab projects + design Research Project + Data Analysis Interpretation]

 Assessment 8: Students practice the ethics of psychology in professional and interpersonal settings.

    Level 1:  Psy 201 peer review, research project, ethics course. [Research Proposal + Peer Review + Data Collection + Exam 1 + Research Report]