Rubric Lab 3

Instructions: This lab report will be graded on 20 points.

  • All five steps of the process were identified with the specific applications from the color lab explained.  The logical processes used in solving the problem were described using the terminology of the hypothetico-deductive method. (2 points per step)
  • The solution to the problem was written in terms of the rules of color addition. (E.g., what colors add together to form what other colors; what colors are primary and the evidence for that conclusion; what colors do combinations of the primary colors produce). (5 points)
  • Comparison of the apparati used to solve the problem (physical color wheel, virtual color wheel and the projection devices).( 2 points)
  •  Graphical depiction the results inserted into the wiki that shows a correct solution to the problem. (2 points).
  • Correct APA style citation of at least one source used in your report. (1 point)