Repeated Measures Experiment Lab Grading Rubric
  • 10 Points Method Section (Hint: Do not attempt to get Twiki to do APA style. Write your report in Word using the template that you made last week. Attach it to the twiki.)
               Participants (2 points) How many, what kind, any incentive?
               Materials and Apparatus (4 points) Description of the task, stimuli, etc.  (Use Maier, et al (2007) as an example, but don't copy it.  
               Procedure (4 points) Describe what was done in the experiment.
  •   5 Points Results Section
                    Do the descriptive results support the hypothesis?  Clear presentation in complete sentences of the means and standard deviations for each treatment condition specified in the hypothesis.
  •  5 Points Flip Video showing the E-Prime experiment .