Lab 2 

Learning Objectives


The first part of lab will be devoted to the class experiment. You will participate individually in the experiment. The experiment will be used as an example of research methods and statistics throughout the semester.
The next part of the lab will be devoted to completing the E-Prime tutorial. You should collaborate with you team to do the tutorial. You should be able to complete it in lab.
The final part of the lab will be the debriefing for the class experiment complete with preliminary results.
Make the video for the class about the key new thing your team learned about the research process from the class experiment.

1 Point participation in experiment
1 Points individually completed E-Prime tutorial
3 Points Team Report
    1 Identified an important aspect of E-Prime to document
    1 Wrote (as a team) a good summary of what you learned about that point
    1 Illustrated that point with a good video attached to the Twiki report.

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