Lab 4 - Measuring Memory

In today's lab you will measure memory with at least two different measures. You will complete the E-Prime tutorials on E-Merge and E-Data Aid. Then you will analyze your memory results and present descriptive statistics for the two measures.

Simple Memory Progam

Use the Simple Memory program as a basis for making your own operational definitions of memory. Make your own word list.  You may have more than four words.  Write the operational definitions for two measures of memory in your team wiki.  After you'verevised the program  test your classmates on their memory for your words.  You should test at least eight \people who are not members of your team. Team members may pilot test the program. Do not use your team data for analysis. 

Thes FlipVideos review the program structure and what it looks like when you run it.

Data Aid Tutorial and Practice

E-Merge Tutorial and practice application
Please complete the E-Merge Tutorial (tutorial 2) individually.  Remember that you can find it in the Getting Started Guide in the E-Prime Documents subfolder.  After each member of the team has completed the tutorial, as a team merge the data from your simple memory experiment. There is a link to the video showing how to use data aid.

Complete the Data Aid E-Prime tutorial individually and then as a team do a descriptive analysis of your two memory measures.

Remember to refer to the rubric when you write your lab wiki.