Lab 3 

Learning Objectives

Materials Needed


Part A.  Color Perception:  With a partner map the retina of your right eye for sensitivity to the colors of red, blue, green, yellow and white.  Show your results by marking the color sensitivity areas on the chart provided in lab.  Work on this activity alternately with the other activities in order to avoid eye strain.  Find the "blind spot" for each individual. 

 Part B.  Color Addition- Color Wheel.
With the color wheel determine the rules of color addition by adding together the colors blue, red, green and yellow (two at a time).  Record your results on your lab report. Use E-Prime to replicate the results that you obtained with the color wheel.

Part C. Color Addition- Using the Singerman color mixer (located in Hoyt 127) demonstrate color addition first by mixing the same colors as before two at a time and then mix them three at a time. Instructions for the Singerman are on the Twiki.

Write a report for the team Wiki. The rubric is at this link .

Internet Resources
Molecular  Expressions:  Science, Optics and you tutorial that demonstrates color addition and color subtraction.
Tutorial on Receptive Fields that will help explain mapping the retina from John Krantz at Hanover University.

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