Lab 5

In this lab you will modify the memory E-Prime program that you did last week to be a between groups experiment.
Chapter 5: Operationally Defining the Independent Variable
Instructions for the Lab
Instructions: Today you can do a real experiment. Make a hypothesis, operationally define the variables, program the experiment in E-Prime and run it.

Between Groups Experiment

1. With your team make a hypothesis about memory.  You may use either recall or recognition.  You should manipulate an independent variable that you think will influence memory. For this lab use only two levels of the independent variable.

2. Write out the operational definitions of both the dependent and independent variables.  Get your instructor's approval before you proceed to step 3.

3. Make an E-Prime program to test your hypothesis.  Be sure to use random assignment to the two levels of your independent variable.

4. Collect data with your E-Prime program using your classmates and instructor as participants.

5. Use E-Merge to merge the data from all of your participants. Be sure not to include the data you generated while you were building the program.

6. Using E-DataAid produce statistics that describe your results.  You should have means and standard deviations for each group (IV).

7.  Write a report on the wiki that includes
  • your hypothesis
  • a description of your sample (participants),
  • the operational definitions all the dependent and independent variables.
  • the descriptive statistics
  • your conclusion
8.  Finish the wiki by adding a brief video that documents what you learned about between subjects experiments in E-Prime.

Hint:  There are always at least 3 ways to do anything.  If you can't get E-Prime to work for two conditions of the IV in one program, you may write two programs. Some independent variables are easier to manipulate within one program than are others.

The sample experiment is on the O: Drive.
This video will show you the program structure for a between groups experiment.  Here's the second part of the video on between subjects program structure.
Be sure to check the rubic as you write your wiki.