Lab 7 (Revised)

Chapter 6: Hypothesis Testing: The Control Group Posttest Only Design
Chapter 6: Lab
Instructions: Please prepare for the lab by reviewing the instructions and coming to class with the tools you'll need to complete it

Repeated Measures E-Prime Experiment

In today's lab your team will recreate as much as possible one of the experiments reported in the Meier, et al. (2007) article that was assigned last week. 

1.  Identify and define the independent and dependent variables.
2. Identify and specify the contol conditions.
3. Using this information program E-Prime to present the experimental stimuli (IV) and record the responses (DV).
4. Collect data on as many classmates and the instructor as you can.  For this experiment you may recruit passers by.
5.  Merge your data and save it to a well labeled location on the R:Drive. You will use this data later for inferential statistics.
6. Use E-DataAid to present the descriptive statistics for the hypothesized conditions (means, standard deviations).
7.  Write your wiki lab report.  I should include:
     A. An APA style Method Section
     B. A beginning of a Results Section that includes two sentences that describe the results (no inferential statistics).
     C. Flip Video of your E-Prime experiment.