Psy 221 T/TH
Fall 2000/Medvin

Toy Catalog Survey

Rationale: The purpose of this assignment is for you to examine the benefits (and drawbacks) of children's toys from a psychological perspective. It should be typed and handed in on October 31. For this assignment, you will:

 1. Choose a particular age range, (i.e., infancy, toddlerhood, preschool, middle childhood).

 2. List three toys you found that are appropriate for the age range you are examining, and their prices.

 3. Choose one of the toys you have listed above, and do a detailed review of the toy.  Some things you might include are:  (a) the attractive qualities of the toy, (b) how this toy might be beneficial to the child's cognitive, social, and/or physical development (try to think of ways it might benefit all three; if not, indicate why not), (c) whether or not the toy can be used to foster non-gender typed behavior,(d) practical aspects (price, storage, etc). 5 points

Reflect: Who are the ads in the catalogs targeted toward? Parents? Children? How can you tell? What image of children does each catalog project?