Psy 221
Fall 2000

Zlata’s Diary: A psychological analysis

Rationale: Here we are doing a case study analysis--an in-depth study of one person in a unique situation. We are using Zlata's diary entries to understand the impact of war on her (and thru her, on other children).  The Zivic article will enable us to broaden our findings to the impact of war on children in general, and provides a context for understanding Zlata's situation..

For each of these questions, have a list of page numbers with the sections of the book that support your answers.

Question 1 is due November 16

1. In what way is Zlata like a ‘typical’ 10 year old at the beginning of the book? Describe these traits, and justify your answers with information from the Sroufe textbook. Here you should focus on chapters 11 and 12 of the textbook, examining cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Questions 2-5 are due December 5

2. How does ‘war’ change Zlata’s life?  Explain. (For example, describe changes in her parents and neighborhood; the course of the war and her understanding of it; her emotional state and precipitating situations; availability of food, fuel, electricity, and other amenities, etc.)

3. In what ways could Zlata be describe as a 'resilient' child, and why? What factors serve as risk factors? What factors serve as protective factors? (see pp. 530-535).

4. Describe the major findings of the article by Zivcic ‘Emotional reactions of children to was stress in Croatia’ (on reserve, J.S Mack Library) Compare Zlata’s reactions with the findings of the article. What are some similarities? Differences?

5. What types of interventions could you design to help children like Zlata cope with war? Of the ones you describe, which are being implemented for Zlata?

Note: Please read the article by Ivanka Zivcic, ‘Emotional reactions of children to war stress in Croatia’, on reserve at J.S. Mack Library, for the class discussion on December 6.