Careers in Neuroscience

At the bachelors level students have gotten positions working as laboratory technicians for pharmeceutical companies or in medical laboratories. However, most graduates of the Neuroscience curriculum go on to professional, graduate or medical school. Students have gone on to programs in occupational and physical therapy (e.g. Jessica Puzausky at the Pitt OT program). Others have gone on to graduate programs in the neurosciences at such schools as Indiana University, the University of Illinois, Georgia State University and the Montreal Neurological Institute. Westminster Neuroscience graduates are now post-doctoral students at the University of Tennessee-Memphis  faculty members at Carthage College (Daniel Miller), Marietta College (Cheryl Arnold) and the directorof the Neuropsychology Unit at the  Royal Prince Alfred Hospital - Australia (Laurie Miller).  Two recent graduates are working as laboratory technicians at the University of Pennsylvania, one at the Institute of Neurological Sciences (Brent Witgen) and the other at the Children's Hospital Neurosurgery Department (Loretta Grate). One student went on to the ministry and worked on church policy on fetal transplants (the topic of his senior study). Another student, Sarah Miller has gone on to medical school.

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