Journal Guidelines

Psychology of Women

Fall 1998 

  1. The goal of the journal is to demonstrate that students have thought deeply about the course content as it relates to the rest of their lives.
  2. Each entry should be the journalist's reflections that may be relevant to the course.
  3. There should be a minimum of one entry per week that relates to the readings in the course reader, "In our own words."
  4. Writing should be clear, meaningful and have depth.
  5. The entries should clearly demonstrate an understanding of the course content referenced.  (I.e., this is how we show you read and understood the reader.)
  6. Entries are not restricted to  comments on the texts.
  7. Journal writers should not summarize the texts, but assume that all reviewers have also read the course material.
  8. Journal entries should be dated.
  9. Journals may be in any format that is legible to the average reviewer.
  10. Journal reviewers will write comments, as appropriate, throughout the entries.
  11. The reviewer will write an overall summary statement at the end of the journal entry, sign and date it.
  12. Journal will be reviewed within one week of due date.