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Although Westminster College is nestled in rural Western Pennsylvania among Amish farms and wooded hills our department perspective is international.  One aspect of the international perspective is collaborative research David Gray at Heidelburgwith scientists from other countries.  Dr. David Gray is pictured to the right with the historic city of Heidelburg, Germany in the background.  David presented a colloquium there on his research on Belief in equality.  This research program, which has included collaboration with a number of Westminster students as well as psychologists from Poland, Germany and Russia has been ongoing for over 10 years.

Other international research opportunities have come through study abroad.  One honors thesis was conducted on the role of self in identity in Namibia.  Another student learned valuable surgical skills for his thesis on hippocampal transplants while on internship in Paris. Dr. Sandra K. Webster conducted research on the influence of music on spatial problem solving in both Nigeria and Pennsylvania, collaborating with students at the University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria and Westminster.

In order to increase our students' exposure to psychological research performed in other countries the department strives to host foreign scholars for presentations of their research or guest lecturing.

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