Graduation 2012

Psychology 601 Syllabus

Sandra K. Webster

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Course Description from the College Catalog

601 Psychology Capstone: Senior Studies I. (2 semester hours) Senior Capstone seminar which addresses psychological research, its strengths, weaknesses and applications beyond psychology. Students must register for Senior Studies I concurrently with Advanced Research I (631, 633, 635, 637 or 639).  Students will prepare and review proposals for senior theses and begin preliminary research. Prerequisites: PSY 201 and junior level standing.

Course Objectives

         To apply previous psychology training to the development of an individual psychology research project.

         To review, integrate, and critically evaluate the psychological literature in the student's area of choice.

         To sharpen and develop new research methodology skills.

         To effectively communicate research ideas and write a proposal using the proper psychological style.

         To work together as responsible, sensitive peer reviewers; giving constructive criticism, feedback, and fuel for new ideas throughout the semester.

Required Texts

[Both texts were required for Psy 201 and continue to be necessary for this course.]

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Ed.) (2009)Washington, D.C.: APA. [*Do not get the first printing. It has errors. Make sure that the printing date is October, 2009 or later.]

Webster, S.K. (2007). Hand in hand: Research design and statistics for the behavioral sciences. Cincinnati, OH:  Thomson-Atomic Dog Publications.

Departmental Course Outcomes for Capstone and Assessment Criteria

Course Process

Regular Seminar Meetings: An intensively interactive seminar process will be used. In each week you will be directly responsible for what you and your classmates learn. Careful preparation of material, preparation to communicate it, and the intent to contribute generously to the learning process will be crucial. Attendance each week is essential. All assignments will directly relate to your thesis, but seminar discussions will focus on making connections among the various substantive areas of psychology and their differing paradigms.


Coordination with Advanced Research I: Students must be registered for Advanced Research I (Psy 631-Psy 639 or NS 631) which is taught by their thesis advisors. Each section will meet weekly in a group session with their advisors and individually as arranged. Each advisor has a set of assignments designed to integrate with the Senior Studies I seminar.


Course Goals:


Using the work of others without proper citation is plagiarism. You must both cite the source as you use it in your writing and include the source in the reference list. Students who are found to have plagiarized on any assignment will automatically fail the course. All instances of plagiarism will be reported to the academic dean according to college policy on academic integrity (See your student handbook). may be used to assist in evaluating student plagiarism.



Seminar participation and weekly homework assignments, 40% of final grade

Peer review, 10% of final grade

Research proposal, 50% of final grade

Course Calendar and Modules