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Academic AdvisorDr. Medvin advising Liz McNeil

Based on application materials or conversation, each student is assigned to an academic advisor by the Department Chair.  The chair attempts to match the student's career interests with the specialization of the faculty advisor.  Students may request a change of advisor at any time during their academic careers.  The academic advisor meets with the student at least once each semester to review the student's progress through the major and to plan future registrations.  Often, they also talk about extra curricular opportunities, internships and career preparation.  The academic advisor is the first person to contact for information about courses and the requirements for a Psychology major.  Most students get to know their academic advisor well and rely on this advisor as an employment or graduate school reference.

Thesis Advisor

All Psychology majors have a thesis advisor who works closely with them throughout the full year of their research.  The selection of this advisor is determined by the research area the student chooses to pursue.  During the first two weeks of Spring semester the juniors enrolled in the Psychology Capstone (Psy 601) choose thesis topics.  Each student is responsible to set up an appointment with a potential advisor and discuss the topic.  The faculty meet together to recommend the best matches so that no one faculty member is overloaded.  Students may change topics with the agreement of the thesis advisor during the first month of the semester.  The thesis advisor meets with the student on a weekly basis for the next year as they collaborate on the student's research project.  This faculty member also leads the weekly Advanced Research Seminar which is clustered with the Psychology Capstone.  Some students have the same faculty member as their academic and thesis advisor.

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