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The Psychology Department philosophy is that technology is to be used to enhance teaching so that students Dr. Webster demonstrating a Smart classroomhave more ways to learn information and so that students have experience with communicating information with current technologies.

Smart Classrooms

The faculty members of the Psychology Department use many different technologies in their teaching.  The picture at the top is of Dr. Sandra K. Webster and students in one of Westminster's "Smart" classrooms.  A classroom is designated "Smart"  if it has been equipped to display computer, video, audio and laser disk media as well as 3d document camera.  All full-time faculty members of the psychology department regularly use the technology in these classrooms to enhance their teaching. Students use the same technology in their course presentations.  Power Point is the major application used for lecture presentations.  Some course materials are presented via Web Pages.  Specific Psychology demonstrations from videotapes and the Internet can be integrated with the other course material.  Psychology software such as simulations of brain surgery and live statistical analyses are projected during class.  The department has a "portable smart" classroom for use in courses that are not scheduled for one of the college's 12 "smart" rooms.

Westminster's Titan Network

The Westminster College Titan Network provides access for all students and staff to e-mail, network file storage and shared network file storage for groups and classes.  The Psychology faculty regularly use e-mail to communicate course assignments and feedback to students.  Students use e-mail to get their course related questions answered between classes.  The network course folders make it possible to have paperless classes.  All of the full-time faculty members use the course folders, each according to the needs of the specific class.  For some classes syllabus, lecture notes, assignments and grading criteria are all delivered electronically via the Titan net.

The Internet

The Psychology Department has used its Web Site in teaching since 1996.  Most courses have some information on the Internet.  The average course has a syllabus and a link to the professor's home page.  More extensive course Web sites also include on-line texts, course bulletin boards, student generated pages and links to other internet resources.  The amount of information on the course web site depends on both the inclination of the professor, and more importantly on the specific needs of the course.  Some courses cover content that is well represented on the Internet and that can be presented well via web pages.  Dr. Webster's Research Design and Statistics course has an example of a well developed course web site.

Laptop Inquiry

The First Year program at Westminster College include a two semester interdisciplinary course called Inquiry.  Dr. Webster and Dr. Gittis both teach sections of this course in which all the students and professor use the campus network through lap top computers during class and extensively outside of class to accomplish the course goals.  This course represents one of Westminster's most intensive application of technology to teaching.
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