No Safe Haven


Culture and Context: Rape Myths

Androcentric Sexual Scripts

Women are (Sexual Script)

Men are (Sexual Scripts)

Violence higher as intimacy is higher

No means no

Alcohol use

Forced Sex in America (Gagnon, Laumann & Kolata, 1994)

Force Sex by Race/Ethnicity

Relationship to Forcer

Sequelae of Forced Sex

Sexual Harassment

Legal Definition

Legal Definition (cont.)

1993 Supplement

Examples of Offensive Conduct

Research Evidence


Reasonable Woman Standard

Psychological Definitions

Incidence at Work
U.S. Merit Study, 1981

Incidence at School
Fitzgerald et al., 1988

Korea’s Policy

Gender Discrimination

Sexual Harassment

Physical Sexual Harassment

Verbal Sexual Harassment

Visual Sexual Harassment

Dealing with Sexual Harassment