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Stress of College


Herschell, et al., 1995

Sample Description

How did they cope?

Ways of Coping

8 WAYS Scales

Confrontive Coping



Seeking Social Support

Accepting Responsibility


Planful Problem Solving

Positive Reappraisal

Coping Profiles- WAYS

Constructive Thinking Inventory

6 CTI scales

Emotional Coping

Behavioral Coping

Categorical Thinking

Esoteric Thinking

Personal Superstitious Thinking

Nave Optimism

Coping Profile CTI

Other Measures

Study I- Midterm of First Semester

Original Hypothesis

Results- Global CTI

Results- Scales

Implications for Early Coping

Study II- End of First Semester

Results- Scales

Does Coping Reduce Stress?

Study III- Alcohol and Juniors

Study III Sample


Coping as a Predictor of Stress

Predictors of Alcohol Use

Predictors of Coping with Alcohol- Men

Predictors of Drinking to Cope- Women

Predictors of Problem Drinking

Study III Summary

Gender Differences

Healthy Coping Styles


Study IV- Academic Outcome 98

Graduation Outcome

Coping and Terms- Women

Disciplinary Actions

Types of Violations

Violations Over Time

Types of Decisions

Violations by Decisions

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Disciplinary Total

Coping and Disciplinary Total- Women

Last Cumulative QPA

QPA by Terms Completed

Coping and QPA

Coping Clusters-WAYS

Coping Clusters-CTI

Clusters by Gender

Cluster 1-Lucky or Not

Cluster 2- Good Copers

Cluster 3-Self Copers

Cluster 4-Constructive

Cluster 5- Over Copers

Clusters and Stress

Clusters and Satisfaction with Life

Clusters and Self Concept

Clusters and QPA

Recommendations for Coping

Avoid These


Life After WC

Coping Continues

Potential Research Questions- Korean Context

WAYS Profile by Gender

Same thing, different order

CTI Coping by Gender

Same thing different order