TheSocial/Ethical Self 

November 17- December 10 
Social/Ethical Self goals:

a. To understand how social contexts exert major control over our identity 

b. To show how conflicts inevitably arise between self and community 

c. To see that to behave ethically often leads to conflicts 

Social/Ethical Self Skills: 
Conflict Management : Analysis, Causation  and Comparison 

Social/Ethical Self Assignments:

Nov 21- Write a short story that illustrates the social construction of an individual's identity.

Dec. 5- Team Project- Present a play on  how you would assist resolving of a conflict 

Final Exam Period- Portfolio Presentations

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Generalization: An individualís identity is largely socially constructed.  

Nov 17 Analyze LeGuin, "The Question of Sex" and compare sexual identity in the Gethenian  culture with that in ours.  
Internet Resource: The Unofficial Ursula K. Le Guin Page 
Nov 18 Mrs. Lea Rabin, the widow of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and a world 
              leader on peace and the future of the Middle East, 3:30 p.m. in Beeghly Theater 
              and Orr Auditorium at 8 p.m. 
Internet Resource:  Yitzhak Rabin Condolences Page 

Nov 19 Explain Henry Vís actions in Shakespeare, 1 Henry IV, Act 3, scene 2.  
Internet Resources:  The Works of Shakespeare (including the entire play) 
                               Encyclopedia Britanica presents Shakespeare then and now 

Nov 21 Analyze Roper, "How the Scots Invented Themselves"  
Internet Resources:  From the Celtic Net-History of the Kilt in Scotland 
                                 John Wash'es -How to Wrap a Great Kilt 
                                 WELCOME to SCOTLAND- From the Department of Geography, 
                                 AT THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH 

Generalization: Individual identity is a source of conflict. 
Nov 24 Explore how the characters in Williamsí "The Use of Force" handle conflicts   
                         Internet Resource:  William Carlos Williams Page under New York 
                        University's  Medical Humanities Section. 

Generalization: Individuals often make ethical decisions which conflict with social pressures.  

Dec 1 Compare how Jacob and Esau (Old Test) and Prodigal Son (New Test) resolve conflicts 

Dec 3 Evaluate Goldstein's "When Brothers Share a Wife" 

Dec 5 Analyze Atwood, "Pornography"  

Generalization: Individuals become of the source of social change. 

Dec 8 Identify the conflicts expressed by King in "I have a dream"  
Internet Resources: Martin Luther King Day explained by the U.S. Information Service
Final Exam: 

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