The Spiritual and Creative Self

October 27-November 14 
 Spiritual and Creative Self goals: 
a.  To recognize that identity is a dynamic linkage between being created and creating 
b. To understand that creativity is linked to cultural factors and skill development 
c. To seek possible links between the spiritual and creative identity 
d. To create an artistic composition which can extend identity expression beyond language 
Spiritual and Creative Self skills: Analysis, Comparison and Causation 
Painting by D.G. Webster
Spiritual and Creative Self Assignments: 
Nov 14 - In class exam 
Nov 3- Team Project- New Creation Myth 
Nov 12 - Create and display  a draft home page expressing self
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Generalization: Human identity is in part constructed by storytelling. 

Oct 29 Analyze Nelson, " The Psychological and Social Origins of Autobiographical Memory" 
Internet Resource:  Another Measure of Intelligence: Working Memory 
                    by James Freeman, Denison University 

Generalization: The "humanness" of identity is often expressed in the spiritual and creative realms. 

Oct 27 Compare Creation Myths and Swimme, "The Universe is a Green Dragon"
                         collected by Mircea Eliade
 Oct 31 Study causation in Walker, "Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self" 

Generalization: Creativity and spirituality are the bases of differences in identity. 

Nov 3 Compare Western concepts with those in Lao-tzu, "Thirty Spokes"and "Man of Highest Power" 
Nov 5 Analyze of Edwards, "Your Brain: The Right and Left of It" 
Nov 7 Carry out exercises in "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" 

Generalization: Creativity and Spirituality Develop Throughout One’s Life. 

Nov 10 Analyze Maslow, "Defense and Growth" 
Nov 12 Analyze Woolf, "The Profession of Women"