October 3-October 24 Assignments

The Thinking Self

Thinking Self goals: 

a. To realize that our identity is enmeshed in a variety of thought processes including sensing and reasoning. 
b. To understand that we use these thought processes to make inferences about reality. 
c. To study how thought processes are the bases for the growth of our identity

  • d. To apply these processes to the analysis of the growth of our personal identity 
    Thinking Self Skills: Analysis, Classification and Causation 
    Thinking Self Assignments:
  • Oct 15- Team Project: Impossible Figure
  • Oct 24 -Exam including a self-evaluation of personal academic choice plan
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    Art by D.G.Webster
    Generalization: There are multiple dimensions to thinking. 

    Oct 3 Analyze Ackerman, " The Painterís Eye " 
    Internet Resource:  Links to Works of  9 Artists Mentioned in reading 

    Oct 6 Analyze by classifications in Sternberg , "The Triachic Theory of Human Intelligence" 
    Internet Resources:  About Sternberg's Triarchic Abilities Test , 
    IQ Counts, But What Really Counts Is Successful Intelligence By Robert J. Sternberg 

    Oct 8 Analyze Gardner, "Human Intelligence Isnít What We Think It Is" 
    Internet Resources: About Howard Gardner from the Multiple Intelligences Homepage 

    Generalization: A major function of thinking is the construction of order. 

    Oct 10 Exploring the limits of sensing and thinking-- the paintings of Escher 
    Internet Resources: World of Escher Homepage

    Oct 13 Suzuki, "To Polish a Tile" (Zen)
    Generalization: A major function of thinking is relating our identity to the world. 
    Oct 15  Explore the narratorís search for causes in Olsen, " I Stand Here Ironing" 

    Generalization: Patterns of thinking are a function of group membership. 
    Oct 17 Study causation in Evans-Prichard, "The Notion of Witchcraft Explains Unfortunate Events" Classify group identities 
    Internet Resources:  Excerpts from Thomas Hylland Erikson's book, "Small Places, Large Issues"

    Generalization: Patterns of Thinking Change as a Function of Growth and Development. 

    Oct 22 Analyze causation in Bettleheim, "The Childís Need for Magic" 

    Oct 24 In class exam 

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