September 1-10:  Dimensions of Our Identity 

Section Goals: Identify the dimensions of identity.  Determine how the reading assignments provide insights as to how all the dimensions of our identity are not readily apparent. Section Skills:  Analysis, Comparison 

Section Projects: 
Sep 1-Write essay on four major questions. 
Sep 5- Set up identity model to be used for comparison at the end of the term. 
Sep 10 - Exercise in integrating texts read with concept of identity 

Generalization: The Perception of Identity is Incomplete.

Sep 1 Analyze "The Allegory of the Cave."

        Generate a list of the dimensions of identity
Internet Resources: 

Sep 3 Compare "The Blind Men and the Elephant" with "The Allegory of the Cave"

        Continue to generate dimensions of identity
Internet Resources: 
  • "The Blind Men and the Elephant" Poem byJohn Godfrey Saxe
  • Buddhism and Buddhist Internet Resources fromA Guide to the Best 

  •              Religious Studies Resources on the Internet

Generalization: Identity is contextual.

Sep 5 Analyze Csikszentmihalyi, "The Veils of Maya"
Internet Resources: 
  • Barnes and Noble Author Biography Page
  • Charlotte Readís Review of The Evolving Self by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Sep 8 Compare Andersen, "The Emperorís New Clothes" with ideas in "The Veils of Maya."
Internet Resources: 

Sep 10 Compare ideas in the section readings and explain how they extend our concept of identity.

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