September 12 - October 1:  The Physical Self


Physical Self goals:

     a. To recognize that our physical identity is composed of biological factors, our perceptions of those biological factors and the way others react to our bodies. 
b. To engage in exercises for insights into how our physical identity interacts with biological and social factors.    c. To reflect on the lessons learned about our bodies from the reading assignments. 
Physical Self Skills:  Analysis, Comparison  
Physical Self Assignments: 
  • Sep. 22 -Bulletin Board Discussion reflecting on the relationship between gender and physical identity 
  • Oct. 1 - Exam which draws on bulletin board discussion and abstraction of principles from readings 

    Generalization: Identity is determined by genetic processes.
    Sep 12 Analyze Csikszentmihalyi, "World of the Genes"  and McCarthy Plenary, "How do we know?"
    Internet Resources: 
    From Georgetown University Medical School:General Genetics Sites  
    Generalization: Identity is influenced by our reaction to our body.
    Sep 15  "World of the Genes" and Plenary Quiz
    Internet Resources: Westminster College Library Home Page
    Sep 17 Analyze Sacks, "The Disembodied Lady"
    Internet Resources: 
    Oliver Sacks Biography 
    Health Guide OnLine
    Sep 19 Analyze Sacks, " Why I Swim"
    Internet Resources: 
    Fitness Fundamentals (posted by Hopkins Technology) Guidelines for Personal Exercise Programs,  Developed by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports 
    Westminster's Swim Team Home Page
    Generalization: Identity is influenced by the community’s reaction to our body
    Sep 22Analyze McLorg and Taub, "Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia"
    Internet Resources: 
    SOMETHING FISHY'S Eating Disorder Website 
    The American Anorexia/Bulimia Association, Inc.
     Sep 24, Titan Traverse with Steve Montgomery
    Internet Resources: 
    Project Adventure's Challenge by Choice Statement
    September 25, Plenary
    Sep 26 Analyze Greer, "Stereotypes"
    Internet Resources:
    Sep 29 Self Portraits and Indentity Models Presentations
    Oct 1 In-class exam based on "lessons learned" from the readings, class sessions, plenaries  and summary of bulletin board discussions.

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