Recent Workshops & Presentations

Conducted by Sandra K. Webster

Professor of Psychology & Former Faculty Development Officer

Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA

The Dominance Dimension of Emotion: Agency Tangled with Outcome

with Devon Struthers
Poster presented at the 2012  Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association
Orlando, Florida
August 3, 2012

ABSTRACT. 42 undergraduate participants typed descriptions of a negative emotional situation that varied in agency (self vs. other) and object (self vs. other) and then rated their emotions in that situation with adjective ratings, global measures and forced choice implicit measures. Outcome, but not agency, played a major role in emotional response especially on the pleasure and dominance dimensions. Participants also rated the subordinate words faster in self outcome conditions. The implicit measures of emotion did not reveal significant reaction time results.  Future research should focus on how outcome, rather than agency, is related to emotion experience and perception.

 Click the link for the full poster. Dominance Dimension of Emotion

McSTEP: Metacognition Self Test with E-Prime Project

with  David Nicholson  and   Devon Struthers, both of Psychology Software Tools

ABSTRACT. E-Prime and AutoIt software were used gamify quizzes in a research design and statistics course. The McSTEP game (Metacognitive Self-Test with E-Prime) incorporates choice of difficulty level, thresholds for the next stage, multiple attempts at an item and immediate performance feedback.  After overcoming many technical challenges three significant changes in metacognition showed that students perceived themselves lower in planning, evaluation and monitoring at the end of the spring semester. Analysis of the students’ game behaviors showed patterns consistent with different metacognitive strategies, such as distributed practice each week to monitor and evaluate learning vs. cramming the game before the recording deadlines.

Click the link for the full poster. McSTEP Project

Parallels in Research Design and Computer Programming Skills Development for Beginning Undergraduate Researchers

with Terri Lenox and Devon Struthers
2012 CUR  National Conference
The College of New Jersey
June 24, 2012

Parallels in Research Design and Computing

Preparing Women for Success in STEM Graduate Education: CUR Interactive Session

with Terri Lenox, Katherine Robertson, Doug Armstead and Sarah Kennedy
2012 CUR  National Conference
The College of New Jersey
June 24, 2012

Preparing Women for Success in STEM

Learning Management Systems

2010 Penn State Shenango Teaching Conference
Meeting the Challenges of the 21st-Century Classroom
October 15, 2010

Metacognition, Student Learning and the LMS

Web Page Development

Westminster Web Workshop 2010
May 25-27, 2010
Westminster College


Wiki Presentations and Workshops
WikiKlips: Using Vodcasts on Wikis for Student Team Lab Reports
with Gary Swanson and Rachael Hoffman
2010 Consortia of College and University Media Centers
October 7, 2010

Digital Showcase
Improving University Teaching.
Washington, D.C.
July 3, 2010