Technology Integration: Hitting a Moving Target

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Sandra K. Webster

Westminster College
New Wilmington, Pennsylvania USA

Page 1 of Technology Integration: Hitting a Moving Target, Sandra K. Webster in the Symposium:  Toward a Well-Integrated Research-Rich Undergraduate Psychology Curriculum- One Department's Journey, at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, Boston, Massachusetts, August 20, 1999.

    How can technology enhance the integration of learning, teaching and research at the undergraduate level? Throughout this paper I will treat research, teaching and learning as the same.  That's because the department philosophy is they are all inseparable parts of the same whole.  We use the same basic approach in classes and in research that technology is one of our primary tools.  In all areas of application the rapid advances in technology make department planning continuous and exciting.  Itís also tricky and frustrating.  It's somewhat like trying to catch a bus that doesn't stop to pick up passengers. You need to estimate the rate of change as well as the direction, and sometimes you miss.

Background.  Since being selected in 1991 by EDUCOM (Boettcher, 1993) as one of the nation's 100 technology integration success stories for it's application of computing in the psychology curriculum the department has radically altered our technology infrastructure, course curriculum and methods of instruction.  In 1991 the department had integrated information technology training into nine core psychology courses covering each academic level.  Technology applications were sequenced to provide continued reinforcement and expansion of skills learned at earlier levels. The integration of technology training in the psychology curriculum was sufficient for the college to grant computer literacy credit for the Research Methods and Statistics course. We had placed computer literacy squarely in the context of the entire psychology curriculum.

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