Motivators of Technology Integration

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Page 6 of Technology Integration: Hitting a Moving Target, Sandra K. Webster in the Symposium:  Toward a Well-Integrated Research-Rich Undergraduate Psychology Curriculum- One Department's Journey, at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, Boston, Massachusetts, August 20, 1999.

Democratic Process

The department has a technology plan and long range strategy that all the faculty/staff develop and reshape together.  Individuals choose which new technologies to use and the context in which to use them.  None of us expects to be expert in all of it.  Students also have input.  One way students contribute to the planning process is that the president of the psychology club participates in department meetings.


We provide support for each other in our applications and we have a half-time network administrator who provides advanced technical support.
We use the technology training available through our college faculty development office and we learn from our students.


Technology innovation is recognized within the department and at the college level.  The reward is usually more work on new technology innovations, but there are also other intangible rewards.  We don't get paid more, but technology innovation (documented) contributes positively to promotion and tenure review and is often mentioned positively by students in the course evaluations.

Student Outcomes

The main reason we keep running after the technology "bus" is that our students seem to learn better using it. Students of this decade have needed to understand and be able to apply technology not only to take advantage of the increasing electronic information as students but also to be competent graduates ready for the next stage in their lives.  Many alumni have credited their ability to use technology in the context of psychology with the early success in employment or post-graduate training.
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