This image was made by scanning in a self portrait sculpture (21x16x11 cm.), duplicating and flipping the image and merging the two to form the reverse of the classic vase figure/ground illusion. I made the original sculpture in1996 of high fire stoneware with a ball copper blue matt glaze.[Ceramics]  This image is the reverse of the classic figure/ground perceptual illustration in which a vase models two faces through its background. [Psychology]  Of course its presentation here is electronic using the Internet. [Cyber]

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The exhibit on the left was part of Koop's Clay-Mates which showed at the Hoyt Institute of fine arts in March of 1999.  The 20 pots I chose to show all connect to psychology.  The Internet exhibit has a close-up of each pot with an explanation of the psychological meaning and a link to a relevant internet site.  You may visit the exhibit by clicking the picture.  We also put the rest of the show on the internet.  The visit it please click on the show announcement to the right.  

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