Evolution of Inquiry 1

During the Fall of 1997, Westminster College instituted a new curriculum which had a first year course entitle Inquiry as its foundation. This pot was inspired by that course. It was a bit rough  at the start, as you can see at the base of the pot.  It dealt with two main questions from the multiple perspectives of the liberal arts.  The first round section of the body represents the question, "How do we know?"  The second round section represents the question, "What is the nature of human kind. The lip of the pot is supposed to show the fluid nature of intellectual inquiry.  I tried to suggest movement, as in the evolution of thought.  To compound that idea, the image is presented here rotating through five views of the pot.  The course was designed by the 17 professors who taught it the first year.  There are 17 glazes applied with 17 different styles on this pot. 

My section of the course was a special pilot in which all the students and myself worked with laptop computers and used the campus network and the internet extensively.  I have incorporated ceramic images throughout the on-line course materials for the class, as well as other original art.  To see a sample of cyberceramics in that context click here

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