Sandra K. Webster

Family: Husband Ron, Daughter Diana & Son Phillip

Diana and Granny after graduationDiana is a graduate student at the Univerisity of Southern California.  She is studying International Political economy.  She was close enough to the finish line that she participated in graduation in May 2004.  She's pictured above with my mother, her grandmother, Lu Pruitt.

The top picture at the right  was taken at Diana's graduation from Connecticut College in May of 1997. The lower one is after graduation in 2004.  Granny is standing in for Phillip who had finals to take.
Websters at Diana's graduation.

After graduation at the Rose garden 
Phillip Dressed to go
Phillip is pictured above in the tails and top hat.   He's probably changed the most of the four of us. Phillip is a senior at Westminster College.He is a theatre major and works as the Theatre shop forman. He plans to make his fourth trip to Bolivia this summer working with LATCOM.
Phillip working on the Portable Stage
Ron Webster
Ronald is a network technolgy specialist for the Psychology and Education Departments at Westminster College.  He is also the Webmaster for the Psychology Department Website.  Ron is willing to travel with me to the uttermost parts of the earth.  He's pictured in the Gobei Desert in August 2005.

Ron in the Gobei

Other Interests


I like to make things.  I make a garden each summer and grow a large variety of herbs.   I make clothing and have made authentic medieval costumes this year (about 15 for plays at church).  The pictures below were taken at our Church'es Christmas program.  I made all of the costumes except the modern one.
From the play, A time for ChristmasFrom the play, A Time for Christmas

 My biggest costuming project was designing and building (with a lot of help) the costumes for "The Baker of Madrigal."  I received an award for these costumes and have made a website about them called Costuming Baker.

  "The Baker of Madrigal" Curtain Call


I make pottery which supplies a lot of the images used in my web pages.  I was in a museum show with other former students of Kathy Koop.  My ceramics have a lot of psychology in them.  The Web Page devoted to the psychology pots is linked here.  It received an award from the Chronicle of Higher Education for Professors Weird Websites. To get to the  psychocyberceramics website just click on the pot.
Pink Proprium, by Sandra K. Webster