Theses Advised
Class of 1997  Theses Advised 
        Rasmussen, N.L. Child sexual abuse and the relationship in adult life from contributing factors of self-esteem, social support and the severity of abuse. 
        Rothenberger, S.B. Situational aggression among college students. 
        Ben-Nasr, L. Social Identity, collective self-esteem and delinquent youth in a rehabilitation facility. 
        Carr, M. Femininity during college as a predictor of middle-age  depression. 
        Gardner, S. B. The releationship between coping, perceived stress and  stress-induced alcohol use. 
        Schulman, A. The effects of ear and music training on mood induction,  arousal and performance on a spatial task. 
        Chiarenza, C.A. The effect or role play on the learning of constructive conflict resolution skills and the relation of the skills to self-esteem and  internal locus of control. 
        Doug Osman. The effects of positive and negative emotion on creativite  problem solving.